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At Double E Insurance & Financial Solutions, our goal is to eliminate the complexities of selecting appropriate insurance and suitable investments. We ask a lot of questions so that we can diagnose your situation and prescribe the best solutions.

  • Eric Elkins

    Eric Elkins


    Eric Elkins is the CEO and founder of Double E Financial, and is considered one of the top Financial / Insurance strategists and speakers in the country.

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  • Gustav Just

    Gustav Just

    Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

    Gustav Just is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at Double E Financial. He also is a Registered Investment Advisor with Match Grade Advisors, LLC, a highly specialized investment and advisory management firm.

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  • Krystin Kilman

    Krystin Kilman

    Director of Operations

    Krystin joined the Double E leadership team in July 2019 as the Director of Operations.   She spearhead’s the company’s daily business activities by overseeing several departments. Krystin leads the coordination and evaluation of our individual and business clients.

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