As an entrepreneur, you know the challenges and demands that come with owning and running a business.

That’s why Double E is here. We take the time to understand your business and your dreams—providing you with the best and most competitive solutions and service models that can help drive your success.

We’ll give you the straight answers about many of your concerns, including what employee benefit programs are most suitable for your company and employees, how to have confidence your top-performing people will retire with your company, and what plans you need in place for Triggering Events such as retirement, sickness, disability, and death.

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For most business owners, your company is your largest asset. Let us be your partner and your advocate. We’re ready to guide you on your journey, with advice at every stage of the business lifecycle, offering you the peace of mind you need and deserve.

Here are some of the solutions we can customize for your company:

Insurance Solutions for Businesses

Employee Benefits Management & Consulting

Managing benefits is key to retaining good talent, but it also can be a difficult and complex process. That’s why we oversee a wide array of group-related employee health benefits portfolios for companies. This includes medical, dental, short- and long-term disability, vision, life, HR-benefit administration systems, flexible spending accounts, claim analysis, and disease-management programs.

We can either become an extension of your Human Resources Department or serve as your “Sub-HR’ partner. We build a long-term plan with your company so you can achieve your goals and be prepared for the future.

  • HR Placements
  • Group Benefit Plans, Designs, Management (Health, Dental, Life, Disability)
  • Fully Insured, Level, & Self-Funded Plans, Reference-Based Pricing, Captives
  • HR Benefit Administration S/W
  • ICHRA Plans

Executive Carve Out Plans

We will carve out programs for a special chosen group of employees, partners, or executives. These programs may include Life Insurance, Specialized Disability, and other custom plans. We can help you weigh the costs and benefits of Carve Out Plans, including providing irreplaceable employees with a valuable piece of compensation that encourages them to stay in their jobs for the long term.

  • Life, Disability, Medicare, Long-Term Care plans

Key Executive Protection Plans

Every person is important in a business—but some are essential. We help you with your insurance needs to protect your company if key employees become sick, disabled, or pass away.

Discover the best ways to attract and retain employees, reward key executives, and fund severance packages and other benefit plans.

  • Keyman Life or Disability Insurance Plans
  • Split Dollar Plans

Business Succession and Sustainability Plans

We can protect your assets from a tragic or life-changing event. If your business partner dies, what is your plan? Many partners are not properly set up in their ownership, operating and distribution agreements. Stock buyouts are often muddy, and the time to figure out your valuation process and all the rest is not at the time of sickness, disability, or retirement.

If you set up an operation agreement five years ago when the company was worth only $250,000—but today is worth $5 million—did you remember to reevaluate your agreement and address the company growth?

Obviously, you cannot do this once and then call it a day. These are things we look for so that you are protected. We think of the issues you are too busy to think about. We provide workable solutions for a myriad of situations.

  • Buy / Sell Life Insurance
  • Buy / Sell Disability Insurance
  • Operating Agreement Auditing and Consulting

Tax Efficiency Planning

Did you know that insurance may be one of the best tools available to help mitigate the risks imposed by tax reform? We want to talk to you about the numerous ways you can take advantage of favorable tax laws and use your business to maximize wealth.

Learn about the many benefits of insurance—from asset protection and succession planning to tax planning and wealth transfer. We’ll also show you how to take financial control and manage risks by underwriting your own insurance.

  • Captive Insurance Plans
  • Asset Management Strategies

Financial Solutions for Businesses

Executive / Owner Compensation & Bonus Plans

Rewarding and retaining key employees can yield major returns for your business. Let us show you the options available for your compensation toolbox, including how to provide additional supplemental income for your top executives. We can help you structure these options in a number of different ways, depending on what makes the most sense for your company and your goals.

  • Split Dollar Arrangements
  • 162 Bonus Plans
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Customized Bonus Programs

Human Resources Placement

Your business goals are usually tied to your human capital management. We can help you establish a set of practices and tools to attract, recruit, train, manage, and retain quality talent. We’ll look at your current and future HR needs and work with you to develop a strategy that adds value to your organization’s employees so they can deliver the best results.

  • Placing Human Capital into the organization to handle specific HR duties

Tax Efficiency Planning

As a business owner, you are always looking for the next competitive advantage. This includes being strategic about opportunities to manage, defer and reduce your taxes. We can show you how–and explain the ways you can get the most value out of your assets. Let us help you set up an asset strategy management plan that minimizes risks while increasing wealth.

  • Captive Insurance Plans
  • Asset Management Strategies

Employer / Employee Retirement & Retention Plans

From an investment perspective, we manage 401(k), Profit Sharing, and Cash Balance Plans, and provide support and ongoing education for companies ranging from 10 to 1,000+ employees. Double E provides white glove service regardless of employee count. We strive on building a relationship instead of steering your employees to a 1-800 number.

We create customized Executive Compensation solutions for your execs and key personnel so they can securely retire from your company. We have the retirement solutions to grow and protect your savings and investments. Our high level of financial knowledge and objectivity will answer all your questions and give you peace of mind today and always.

  • 401(k) / Profit Sharing Plans
  • Cash Balance Plans
  • Non-Qualified Plans

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Client Testimonials

Business Solutions

Double E doesn’t sell me they educate me.

Phillip Bowman
CEO of Peerless Surgical

Business Solutions

Retirement plans, Employee benefits, Employee retention, Bonus plans, you name it, no one compares to Double E.

Dr. Dan Bouknight
CEO of Carolina Cardiology

Business Solutions

I would be lost if I didn’t have Double E. They maintain our 401k plan, our health benefits, & bonus programs.

Presley Painter
CEO of Advanced Diagnostics

Business Solutions

“Eric and his team have helped us increase profitability and revamp our benefits program. They will go the extra mile to protect the owners and the employees.”

Kevin Francis
Owner of New Leaf Landscape

Business Solutions

Eric is my first call when it comes to any financial and insurance decisions.

Brett Kraeling
former CEO of Response Packaging
currently GM of Freeman Boats

Business Solutions

“We had not revisited our operating agreement in years even though our business had grown 3x until we met with Double E. They helped us build and implement a plan that addressed what was important today and tomorrow.” Double E is like having a dedicated coach, mentor and fan for your business.

Ben Berryhill & Charlie Chance
Owners of Red Drum Restaurant Group

Business Solutions

Eric and his team have been influential assets to my company, employees and my family

John Gandolfo
CEO of Dodgeland & JT’s CJD and Kia

Personal Solutions

The Double E team manages our Employee Benefits and Estate Planning Needs and they continue overachieving.

William Stern (Real Estate Developer)
CEO of Stern and Stern Development

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